Nipple Jewelry

Nipple Jewelry

When people talk about jewelry, the first few accessories that come into mind are rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. But other than these, there are also other types of jewelries that are worn on different body parts. Piercings are very common not only among women but in men as well. Ears are the typical places to get piercings but other spots like the eyebrows, the nose and the lips are also possible.

One body part that is quite intriguing to many to have a piercing is the nipple region. Nipple jewelry may not be popular to many people but there is certainly a target niche for this type of accessory. When the nipple is pierced, it is done at the base of the nipple usually in a horizontal fashion. Because the piercing will cause a break in the integrity of the skin, infections may occur if no proper wound care is performed.

Types of Jewelry for the Nipples

There are different types of nipple jewelry available for consumers to choose from. When a nipple piercing is done, the initial jewelry that is placed after the hole has been made should remain anchored into the hole for the whole duration of the healing period. After the hole has healed, you may now replace the jewelry with other types depending on your mood and the look that you are going for.

• Nipple Bars. The nipple bars are the most basic pieces of nipple jewelry available today. Nipple bars are usually the jewelry of choice during piercing as it can anchor the hole and keep it straight very well compared to other types of nipple accessories. You can choose from the basic bar with balls on the both ends or you can explore other locks like barbells, an arrow, or diamond studded ends.

• Nipple Rings. The next most popular jewelry of choice for nipples is the ring. They work similarly like the nipple bars except the ends are bent towards each other to form a circle. There are different subtypes of these nipple rings and some of them are the ball closure rings, circular barbells and the smooth segment rings. There are different funky designs to choose from and you can even get nipple rings that glow in the dark.

• Nipple Shields. Nipple shields are examples of nipple jewelry that will not only add spice to your chest area but it will also accentuate the nipples by drawing the person’s attention to them. Nipple shields are composed of two components and these are the nipple bar and a special accessory that covers the nipple. There are also nipple shields that have hanging accessories from one end to the other instead of the nipple covering.

Common Materials used in Nipple Accessories

Aside from choosing what type of jewelry you will be attaching to your nipples, you also need to pick out the material of the jewelry. More materials have already been used by different people and not just metals.

• Surgical Steel. Surgical steel is usually the primary material used right after the hole has been pierced into the nipple. Surgical steel does not rust and it helps reduce the chances of infection if cared for properly.

• Glass. Glass is another favorite. It gives a different look and the shine and transparency that glass gives out will definitely be a statement. The glasses used for nipple jewelry are all tempered so it is safe to be in contact with the skin. Borosilicate glass is the most common type of glass used.

• Plastics. Not all plastics are approved for nipple accessories but there are certain types like acrylic that are very well received by the public. Plastics can be shaped into different forms which gives more design possibilities.